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What do you picture when you think of personal training? If you are like most, you think of individuals aimlessly following their trainer around the gym from machine to machine in the hopes that they will get the results they desire. Crowded gyms and uninterested trainers are common in our industry. We set out to create a better way, and while we succeeded we also ended up setting the standard in the personal training industry. NexGen Fitness is a revolutionary new concept in fitness and personal training serving the community of Tulsa. First, we are not a gym. We are an elite personal training studio offering clients true one-on-one training guided by the highest-quality personal trainers in Tulsa. Each of our clients work with an expert personal trainer in their own private, fully equipped training suite, featuring the latest in cardio and weight training equipment. NO one is watching you, NO self-consciousness, NO waiting for equipment, and NO fighting for the attention of your trainer.

Personalization is our – and your – key to success. We all want to be fit, but the way we get there is as individual as we are – and that is our entire focus. From your first session, your trainer works with you to develop a personal fitness plan – focused on cardio, weight training, and nutrition – targeted to your goals and ensuring every aspect of the program is aimed at you individually. No cookie-cutter routines, ever! We then use a combination of technology, such as heart rate monitoring and nutrition tracking software, and our expert-led personal training to keep you on track and hold you accountable. This is the core of what helps you achieve real, lasting results, along with hard work and as much fun as we can have in the process! Train in private with us and watch yourself transform!

We are the best personal trainers in Tulsa for a reason. Come find out why. We want you to TRY US FOR FREE. Request a free personal training session at our Tulsa, OK location and take your commitment to reaching your goals to the next level.

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